Jason Manna – Chief Executive Officer


Jason Manna is the Chief Executive Officer and proud owner of Van Manna Homes. He runs the business with a very hands-on approach; it is tough to be at a job site and not see him conferring with his trade partners, making on-site decisions and designing with clients.

Since inception in 2005, Jason and his team have been building timeless, luxury estate homes, inner city properties and completing high end renovations. Jason grew up in a family who had a passion for building and construction. Jason has a finance background and was involved in many family projects in teenage years. This eventually created insight to his long-term goals which was to turn his passion into a business and pass along the knowledge and craftsmanship to his clients by starting Van Manna Homes.

Jason has a large family and a young daughter. Both he and his wife are born and raised Calgarians. Jason enjoys golfing, his Cabin in Gull Lake, sports and Travel.

Jason has a passion for Real Estate and Development and enjoys helping people turn a profit aside from just building a dream home. He is creative and touches every part of a client’s prospective build.

Aside from his company, Jason shows pride in every aspect of his life. He gives 110% to anything he is involved in personally or in business and believes that Goodwill and old fashioned hard work has been the success and backbone of Van Manna Homes.


Katrina Schnider – Project Manager


Katrina Schnider is the Construction Manager of Van Manna Homes. Katrina’s career began once she completed the Architectural Technologies diploma at SAIT. After graduating, she went on to work in the urban and rural planning department at the City of Red Deer. Her passion for architecture and house design soon led her to John Hull Architect studio where she gained experience in spatial design, drafting and national building codes in residential construction. Two short years later, a rare opportunity led her to Malaga, Spain to continue her studies in interior design. Through this interior design college Katrina met a local custom home builder and assisted in the design development and procurement of new clients. After one year, she was promoted to project manager (head of construction) and became the intermediary between the English-speaking clients and Spanish-speaking architects and subcontractors. Katrina gained great on-site construction, scheduling, and client coordination experience and knowledge. During her years overseas, she learned to speak Spanish fluently and was fortunate to travel much of Europe.

Katrina’s love for her family and the mountains brought her home to Calgary in the fall of 2006. Prior to joining Van Manna Homes, she served as construction manager for Alloy Homes where she scheduled trades, supervised sites and coordinated with clients. She was fortunate to learn an incredible amount from field experience and became more directly engaged with on-site duties. Katrina met Jason in 2013 and knew immediately that Van Manna Homes would be a great fit for her career goals, values and ambitions. She continues her role as construction manager and deals directly with subcontractors to facilitate custom built homes. Katrina enjoys her job a great deal and loves that every project is unique and challenging. She feels fortunate to work within a great team and with Van Manna’s trade partners, who have been with the company for many years.

In addition to her position with Van Manna Homes, Katrina has a lovely seven-year-old daughter who keeps her busy during her non-business hours. They love to enjoy the outdoors around Calgary or take a quick trip into the nearby mountains. Together they are avid travellers and have visited places like Switzerland, Spain, and San Diego. She is interested in pursuing further education and has been studying to receive her residential construction management certificate from SAIT.


Mike Dyer – Operations Manager


Mike Dyer is the Operations Manager of Van Manna Homes. Mike is a passionate journeyman carpenter with over 10 years of experience. His career began working alongside his mentor, an 84-year-old master carpenter. Mike then finished the remainder of his apprenticeship through Clear View Construction where he developed his skills in all aspects of home building. After his apprenticeship, he worked with Builder’s Capital where he focused on high end, custom builds and renovations. He was fortunate to get an incredible amount of field experience.

Mike then transitioned into his role as Operations Manager at Van Manna where he is constantly learning from both Jason and Katrina. He has a love for home building and truly enjoys taking a simple hole in the ground and turning it into a client’s dream home. He puts his passion and hard work into every unique project they do.

In addition to his position with Van Manna Homes, Mike enjoys fly-fishing in the mountain with his long-time girlfriend Ashly and their two labs.