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Project Development Options:

Contract Build or Renovation: Van Manna Homes completes your project from demolition stage through to new home possession stage.  You decide on your Building Specification package and home design; Van Manna Homes then gives a set price to build as well as estimated timeline.

Cost Plus: The land owners have control of the budget, home design, and building specifications.  Van Manna Homes manages the construction of the project. Be prepared for a longer possession timeline than option 1 as this scenario can be more time consuming.  Management fees are based on cost plus a percentage on all aspects of the build.

Joint Venture between Builder and Landowner:  Van Manna Homes and land owners agree mutually on a marketable home design and Building Specification package.  The land owner contributes the land at a fair market value.  The Builder contributes the project construction and management at a determined value.  Holding costs after construction are the landowner’s responsibility.  Once the new home sells each party is repaid the contributed values and the remainder is split 50/50.

Our Building Process

Building a home can be both an exciting and stressful experience for all homebuyers.  Van Manna Homes prides themselves in the support that they provide their customers at every stage of the building process and believe that their team and trade partners are second to none in excellence and customer service.

    • Building Decision and initial steps
      One of the biggest decisions of one’s life is deciding to make a move and build a custom home. Once you and your family have decided when the right time is, and you’ve done your due diligence in selecting your builder, the first steps would be nailing down which type of build you’d like to do, the planning stages, arranging your mortgage financing and finalizing the Purchase Agreement
    • Planning, Design and Permits
      Next it’s time to determine the interior and exterior look of your home. During this stage you’ll meet with one of Van Manna’s preferred architects and designers, or opt to use your own.  At this time, you would be introduced to your client liaison who helps guide you through the steps.  This process can take weeks or months with many informative consultations along the way.  Once the design has been completed, the permits and planning with the City or County begin.  At this time, you will be set up on the Van Manna Homes customized software which is accessible by your smart phone, mobile device or desk top computer.  This software keeps you current with real time information from all trades, your project manager, the progress of the home, design selection, ideas and your budget.  This software is complete with photos and options as well.  This is one of the key features to help guide you through the stages of activity and ensure that your budget stays intact with any custom selections or changes throughout construction.
    • Construction Process
      Once your city approval, permits and the blueprints are complete, construction of your new home begins.  The construction process unfolds in five main stages: excavation and foundation, framing, drywall, finishing and lastly occupancy.  Throughout construction, Van Manna Homes hires a third party licensed home inspector which completes detailed reports from the start of your build right through completion.  As well, with your own scheduled visits, you’ll get to experience our hands on approach of exploring the build site, meeting the trade partners and designer, and watching your custom home come to its glory.
    • Nearing Completion
      At this stage, the finishing work on your home is underway, the home inspector is completing their last inspection, and you’ll also receive written confirmation of your possession date.  This means it’s time to arrange completion of your finances, book your moving company, update your mailing address, and wrap up any final design and landscaping details.  You will also get to attend your homeowner walk-through with the Van Manna team.  This is your pre-occupancy meeting , during which time we’ll familiarize you with your new home and all its key features.
    • Possession Day!
      On the date of possession, you will be given the keys to your new home along with your welcome package and fully completed home inspection.  At this time and during the final possession walk-through Van Manna Homes will go through any seasonal items left to be complete and if there are still items to attend to, a “trade day” will be set up that works with your schedule.  All that’s left for you to do, is move-in, pop the champagne and enjoy your brand new custom built Van Manna Home Dream Home!

"During the process of touring Van Manna’s show homes, we immediately fell in love with their product and workmanship. "

− Neal & Joanne

"Van Manna has an uncanny ability to surround themselves with trades that bring their OWN passion along with their OWN specific craft."

− John

"It is easy to see Van Manna’s passion regarding homebuilding. We wish you well in your own pursuit of living well. "

− Jason