Quick Tips to Winterize Your Home

By November 7, 2018 Home Maintenance No Comments

It is important as a homeowner that you take precautionary steps to prevent damage to your home during winter. With a cold Calgary winter just around the corner, you need to be prepared. Here are a few of those proactive steps you can take to winterize your home before it’s too late.

Change Furnace Filters
Make sure you’re replacing or cleaning your furnace filters monthly. The dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demand.

Check for Leaks, Seal Cracks
Thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home for any damage like cracks or leaks. Seal them appropriately.

Water Lines & Garden Hoses
Be sure to disconnect and drain your garden hoses. Shut off the water lines going to the exterior of your house and drain them to avoid freezing.

Clean Your Gutters
Ensure all of your gutters are free of gunk and debris before the cold weather hits, to avoid all the debris from freezing and eventually damaging the eavestrough. Also ensure all down spouts are draining away from your home; you don’t want drainage to be sitting around the foundation of your house and then freeze there.

We are here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about winterizing your home.

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