Outdoor Spaces

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Warmer weather gets us excited about using outdoor spaces, like this beautiful covered patio in one of our custom homes!



We can help you spruce up your outdoor space!

Contact us to discuss your options.


Annual New Home Awards

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Staying on top of the newest trends is at the top of Van Manna’s list. We are constantly striving to be the best builder giving the most value. Van Manna Homes has been recognized many times over for the exceptional homes we build.  Check out this beautiful custom built home by Van Manna that won the 2014 Alberta Awards of Excellence:



We have proudly submitted our entries for this year’s CHBA SAM Awards & National Awards for Housing Excellence! There have been a record number of entries this year. These annual new home awards celebrate the most creative and professional work in the Calgary home building industry. The finalists will be announced in March.  Stay tuned for more information as the finalists are announced!


Your Next Home Renovation by Van Manna Homes!

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Van Manna Homes is in your community completing custom home renovations!

We are one of Calgary’s finest custom home, award winning builders with over 10 years experience and are a proud member of National Home Warranty and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Are you looking to complete a home renovation, a custom build or a specific room renovation?  Perhaps you are looking for the opportunity to sell your property without paying real estate commissions or spending your time and money prepping your house to go on the market?

Whether you are looking to renovate, sell your property, or rebuild, Van Manna Homes offers a full range of services to suit your needs.

Please contact us for more information                                                                                                                                                                    403-383-3109 or [email protected]

Van Manna Homes Proud Sponsor of Elementary Safety

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Van Manna Homes is proud to announce we are now a sponsor of Elementary Safety. The initiative to educate and promote safety for children has succeeded in finding fun and educational ways to get kids engaged about the idea of safety.


Elementary Safety has built resources, including an interactive website at, geared towards kids ages 6 to 10 with the express purpose of promoting safety in areas such as home and outdoor safety, road and vehicle safety, animals safety, fire and electric safety, and a special section on the ever important area of personal safety.


es_screenshotVoted the best educational safety website for kids, it receives over 100,000 views a year and assists in the education of not only kids but educators and parents.

Van Manna Homes is proud to be involved with this site and advocate safety around the home for families.   We always put forth great effort in considering safety and family life when approaching building homes with our clients so we dig the job Elementary Safety is doing and are proud to be affiliated. Visit their site to get started on educating your own little tykes on the do’s and don’ts of the world of safety. It’s possible you could learn something yourself in the process. And get some snazzy coloring pages out of the deal. Just make sure to stay in the lines.

Buyer’s Market Ahead?

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Ah the Oil business, all at once a booming and busting entity to hang your hat on. As Calgary gets pulled into the gauntlet of another oil price dive, all eyes are on the residual housing market correction threatening to take place.

By January 2015, house sales had slumped 45% since last year’s peaks, with experts predicting a 10% drop is house values this year as the oil prices continue their roller coaster ride with most Albertan’s, directly or indirectly affected, strapped in for the ride.

So what does this mean for home-owners?

If the last crisis of 2008 is any indication, the troubling economic effects of an oil crisis will cause a bit of a hit to home values for the near future. Those who are looking to break into the market and finally purchase a home, the listings will most likely be in their favor. Those who are looking to sell will be facing some stiff competition and harsh truths when it comes to value. For those who are in the position to sit tight and wait out the storm, the act of retaining the inner-city urbanization and building still remains. The high cost of infrastructure and commutes during times of economic strife promote the idea of inner-city living, and with decreasing prices, the option to not only buy inner-city but build inner-city is becoming more available to more people.

While the local economy narrowly avoids a recession, the need to maintain structure within the city is essential. As with before, the market will return to a level place and when that happens, those who arrived or stuck with the inner-infrastructure will see great returns.

Until then, home-owners and home-builders will continue to build up and improve upon the inner neighborhoods to provide a strong core for the city to build upon when times are high again. Stay tuned to see what Van Manna Homes is doing with their newest projects.