Van Manna Homes Proud Sponsor of Elementary Safety

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Van Manna Homes is proud to announce we are now a sponsor of Elementary Safety. The initiative to educate and promote safety for children has succeeded in finding fun and educational ways to get kids engaged about the idea of safety.


Elementary Safety has built resources, including an interactive website at, geared towards kids ages 6 to 10 with the express purpose of promoting safety in areas such as home and outdoor safety, road and vehicle safety, animals safety, fire and electric safety, and a special section on the ever important area of personal safety.


es_screenshotVoted the best educational safety website for kids, it receives over 100,000 views a year and assists in the education of not only kids but educators and parents.

Van Manna Homes is proud to be involved with this site and advocate safety around the home for families.   We always put forth great effort in considering safety and family life when approaching building homes with our clients so we dig the job Elementary Safety is doing and are proud to be affiliated. Visit their site to get started on educating your own little tykes on the do’s and don’ts of the world of safety. It’s possible you could learn something yourself in the process. And get some snazzy coloring pages out of the deal. Just make sure to stay in the lines.